Admission is free of charge.
This event brings together many of Japan’s most famous racing drivers with a strong selection of the country’s most highly awarded race cars from past and present. Don’t miss Japan’s biggest ever racing vehicle as it makes an appearance for the very first time.

Passenger rides in the latest models from Japanese and foreign carmakers, hosted and driven by members of the Automobile Journalists Association of Japan. You might even find one or two supercars ready for a hot lap!

Replica, Historic Car and K4-GP Contest: In amongst the trees in the central park, dozens of owners will display their pride and joy.
Also, watch out for the all-new “Your Race Car Coloring Contest” to be voted on by you, our guests! This new contest will join the popular Concorso di Replica, Concorso di Historic and K4-GP contests.

Anyone for a racing license? Visitors will also be able to take a test for JAF’s competition license. In addition to the “Domestic B-license” on offer, kids will also be able to try for a “kart license.” Just be aware that you must apply to take these licenses in advance on the official website

Mother and child special safety driver training (dads also welcome!!)

Hosted by the Automobile Journalists Association of Japan
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